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Printability Improving Agent
Printability Improving Agent

Printability Improving Agent

I.Physicochemical Properties
1.Color: yellowish transparent liquid
2.Content: ≥12%
3.Viscosity: ≤70mPa.s(25℃)
4.Shelf Life: 6 months(10℃-35℃)

II. Characteristics
This product is a reactive low molecular polymer resin.It can fastly penetrate inside fiber raw material after added into pulp. After paper gets dry with heat, these resins cross link with fiber to form a network, improving the breaking length, surface strength and printability of paper. It is also helpful to the retention of small fiber and the sizing efficiency of AKD.

III. Application
Internal adding for newsprint, copy paper and offset paper.

IV. Usage
This product can be directly added without dilution.It is directly added to the inlet of stock pump by on-site dosing device. Generally, dosage is 3-6kg/ton of paper.
We provide a complete set of continuous dosing device and also provide corresponding technical support.

V. Package & Storage
This product must be stored in dry room, with a temperature of 10℃-35℃. The storage room must be waterproof and moisture proof. Shelf life is 6 months. It is suggested that product is consumed up within 6 months. Package is 200kg or 1000kg per plastic drum.

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